General Info


If you are interested in an import-GSD you should be aware that they are more expensive than local-born, US-bred GSDs.
Most importers overcharge because they earn their living doing importing. At TopGSD we do not do this for a living. We charge reasonable fair market value for our dogs but they are not cheap. Our puppies range from Euro 600 to 1200 for those sold as pet-quality and from Euro 1000 to 1800 for breeding-quality. Young adults (not trained or started for schutzhund) start at Euro 1500, titled adults at Euro 3000. Shipping is never included in any offer, it is an extra of Euro 350 to 650 depending on size of crate (related to age/size of dog), final destination and airline we ship with.
Please read our contract for infos on our guarantees.


showlines / workinglines:

ALL GSDs used for breeding MUST HAVE a working-title (at least SchH1, IP1 or HGH) AND a show-rating (at least a 'G') and they need to be a-stamped (hip-certified).
Showlines are the ones to look more beautiful and to fullfill the standard as close as possible, workinglines put their stress on the working ability of the dog.


weight and size of a GSD:

GSDs in Germany are not bred to be oversized tall and heavy.
As to standard a female is 22 to 24 inches tall, a male 24 to 26 inches. They are accepted to be 3/4 inches taller but not more. The avarage weight of an adult female at about two years of age is 55 to 70 lbs, for a male 70 to 85 lbs.
We do not have the aim to breed giant-GSD or GSD weighing 100+ lbs!!!!!!


getting a young adult or adult GSD:

GSDs in Germany are usually not house pets, they live in kennel-runs. Most come into the house for brief periods of time but they are NOT housebroken unless we know for sure the dog has always lived in the house and is fully house broken which is rare.

GSDs in Germany, although most are SchH-trained or SchH-titled, are NOT personal protection trained or aggression trained. Attack or personal protection type training is illegal in Germany and only specific authorities are allowed to do this type of work.
Schutzhund trained dogs are defensive trained sport and/or breeding quality dogs. They can be re-trained to do personal protection type work once they have adjusted to their new families which could take several weeks or months depending on the new owners and the dog. Just because a dog is Schutzhund trained or titled does NOT mean the dog is or will be a personal protection dog.
The dog is not a robot and will NOT immediatly obey commands from you until he has completely bonded to you. GSDs are one owner dogs and only obey their master. Becoming a dogs master takes time to build a trusting relationship. This time cannot be forced or rushed.
If you change your mind regarding what you wanted after you receive the dog there is nothing we can do about it. Dogs cannot be returned to Germany and refunds are not given because the former owner of the dog has been paid, hours of work, phone calls, faxes and time have been spent, miles have been driven and gas has been used to acquire the dog you requested which met your stated needs and wishes.