Dear Jana,

I would like to thank you for all that you did to help me acquire Hanna. She is 2 years old now. She is everything that I asked for.
We discussed my idea of what I wanted in a German Shepherd and you were very helpful. I really appreciated your patience and support as I made the decesion to buy a dog from overseas. You were very professional and understanding as well.

I would recommend you to anyone who wanted to buy a dog from overseas.

The quality of Hanna is wonderful. Again thank you very much for you help.

December 2000


Dear Jana,

I thought that I would write you a quick letter to let you know how completely happy and satisfied I am with the female that you imported for me: Bonnie vom Blumenkamp.
She is absolutely everything that I could of dreamed of. (Besides being absolutely gorgeous). She is everything that I ever wanted and more. She is delightful in the house. She gets along very well with the other dogs. An most important of all, she loves people and children.
I would definitely recommend you to anyone that has any qualms at all about importing a dog from Germany site unseen. It was a pleasant experience and I plan on doing more business with you in the future.
Tina Eddy;
Omaha, NE
October 2001


Hi Jana,

thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to import such a great dog to the US.
I have really enjoyed him and seeing him go SG2 at our regional was fantastic. Armani is well loved and we will send you more pictures soon!

fall 2001


Hello Jana,

I wanted to let you know about Hummel's progress. She is doing very well. She has been learning a lot of disciplines for her Schutzhund training and learns them, i'd say, in a pretty fast fashion. If I had more time for her alone, she'd be ready for her BH by now, no doubt. However, I have a couple of more dogs to train and its time consuming.

She is very good about the other dogs and has inherited her mothers nature of becoming, more than likely, a very good breeding female. She acts like the packs protector, though she is not the alpha female. She is the servient one who 'cleans up' and guards the pack. And, in that, shows little fear for being 17 months old. I believe soon, some outside dogs may have to be careful around her or she'll have them for lunch.

In addition, everyone who meets her immediately notices the quality of her breeding in not only and her beauty, tall legs, slim body and perfect pigmentation of the Red and Blacks, but also a disposition of maturity for a young dog that is amazing to most. She behaves very well in public in other words.


Gina Kasbergen
Cerrillos, NM 87010
June 2002


Hi Jana,

Thanks for such a special girl!
No-one cannot come around my house without she leting me know. She's such a great joy to live with.
Thanks again

Hugh Gibson
August 2002


Judith at 22 months
Hello Jana,

Judy is doing great. She is now the 2002 18-24 month Regional Siegerin. We should have her BH and AD on her this fall in hopes for a SchH 1 by next summer. We will keep you updated and will send some more pictures to you soon!

September 2002


Hi Jana,

Just a note to let you know how Bear is doing. He bonded to me now and he is so good-looking. Everyone who sees him stop and want to know where I got him from. He is sure a head stopper!
Thanks again

Hugh Gibson
September 2002


Just thought I should drop you a line to thank you for the rest of Daika's papers
and to tell you how impressed I am with her.
Every day with every new experiance she shows a mental development that gives me the impression that she is heading in the direction of being the finest tempered German Shepherd bitch I have ever owned. She is showing ever growing confidance and hardness,dominace and drive with the ability to focus. She is a natural tracker relieing on her nose instead of her eyes. Her agility is cat like and she is a very good looking bitch considering she is working bred.
I know how rare a bitch with this potential is and I thank you and the breeder for the opportunity to own her. By the way my wife likes her as much as I do.
Hope to talk to you in the future.

Randy, USA
October 2002


Dear Jana,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the very fine quality dogs you have imported for me.

First I must say that working with you has been very relaxing, you have made me feel comfortable with the paperwork and the dogs you represent. You are honest in your representations and that is very important in this dog arena.

Only, is now a Certified Therapy dog and works five days a week at the physicians facility. She is very calm in her work and protective of her doctors home. We miss her around here on a regular basis but she comes visit often. It is very satisfying when the training is successful and the working dog can be utilized to touch lives. She is beautiful in structure with great hip xrays.
Only will return annually to our breeding program.

Hella has blossomed into an awesomely beautiful young lady. She is large as I had requested and has intense retrieval drives which makes working her so much fun! Her pigment is rich and her structure is great! She will be a super addition to our breeding program.

Thank you so much for these lovely females and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Jayne Edwards
von dem Felsengebirge Kennels
November 2002


Hi Jana!

Just to say 'Thank you so much!' for finding Jasso for me! He is everything I've ever wanted in a GSD, and everything you said he would be!
He has been graded Excellent every time he has been shown over here, and I have great hopes for the future. Everyone here loves his outgoing, amusing character, and he is a joy to own.
Thanks again for your help in finding this dog, and getting him to Australia for me!!

Cindy Collis
Perth, Western Australia
November 2002



We just wanted to let you know a little about the progress of "Hans-Steiner" Titan. He is learning faster every day! He has an incredible temperment and is wonderful around kids, other dogs, and strangers.

He is showing all the signs of the perfect GSD. He is full of energy and curiosity. On the rare occasions when he has shown fear of something, he warily investigates on his own, usually without coaxing, until he is satisfied and his fear is gone.

As he is being groomed for police work, he has displayed an excellent
bite strength as well as super tracking potential.

I hope to see you and the Muellers again soon in order to bring home
a companion for him!

Thank you for a wonderful dog!

Jay and Janine Keever, MD
December 2002


Thank you Jana,
for your help in finding me a nice German bred female.
Sheila has a perfect attitude and we love her dearly.

Another thing I would like to thank you for the ease in transferring our paper work from the SV to AKC. I was worried about this process but you made it so simple and everything went smooth. You really know your stuff!!!

We couldn't be happier with the way you handle your business wish all dog people were as professional and honest as you.

Thanks a Million,

December 2002


Dear Jana!

Happy New Year

First class & high quality GSDs have only one address:

I can't thank enough for Veron ( now 7 months). He is every thing I could have dreamed of in a dog from an excellent workinglines pedigree.
To me he is up there with Bernd vom Lierberg.

My kids ( Azziz 6, Mayan 3 ) love him so much and can't get enough of him.

I could go on and on about his qualities and his potentials and but I'm sure you already know them and a believer, like me.

Written with love and appreciation by

Mutlaq AL-Qahtani
January 2003


I am writing you to let you know Zena is an awsome pup, and has fit right in to our household.
She is now 4 mos old, solid black as you know, with a wonderful spirit. Just looking into her eyes you see her elevator goes to the top. She is sooo intellegent and sharp mentally. Reacts well to correction, isn't nervous about it, and is quite a good guard dog already. One thing she is more than alot of dogs...QUICK! She is like a rocket in her run and agility. At 8 weeks old she already jumped onto the furiture and from chair to couch. VERY sure footed and self assured.
When people see a Schutzhund dog that is quick they Oohhh and ahhhhh, and she will be one of those that turns heads. She knows Sitz, Platz, and stay already. I cant wait for the snow here in Wisconsin to melt to work with her more. Her ball drive is excellent as well. I COULDNT be more pleased with a dog and Thank God I have her. Elliott and her Mom deserve another breeding as these pups will make their mark in schutzhund , I promise you.

Another thing while on the subject..let it be known that originally when she arrived from Germany to Minnesota where I picked her up. I took her to the vet and they didnt like her white blood cell count. They did another test and came to the conclusion that it was stress that made it lower than normal.
Not the way you raised them or anything to do with you.

I couldnt behappier with you or your professonalism in our doing business.
I have the upmost respect for you.

Warm Regards
Ron Blake
Wisconsin, USA
February 2003

Dear Jana

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for getting me Zorro (from the Z-litter 'alten Wingertshaus', parents Elliot vom Hambacher Schloßblick x Romy alten Wingertshaus).

He is  very healthy, very good looking, has excellent temperament and a sweet character and is impressive intelligent.

He is more than I ever wanted!

Once again, thank you very much.

Ali Hussein
February 2003

Hi Jana,

I wanted to take a moment to Thank You for all you have done for me.
I started to ask questions one evening while on my hunt for the perfect German Shepherd, well my ideal German Shepherd. I must have drove you NUTZ over the years... but you have remained patient and thoroughly informed me of each dog I was looking at.

My Vella is the absolute PERFECT female for ME and my family and my breed program. She is well rounded a beautiful dog that I am
so glad you were able to find and match to my needs. You took good care of her and blessed me with a SchH1 title and 10 pups.
I am so Happy with her and her babies...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Cindy Clark and Family
Buskirk, NY
May 2003

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hi Jana,
I wanted to up-date you on Vella, I wanted to let you know... I've survived the HUGE litter you had Vella impregnated with. She was the best mother 10 pups could have! They will be 8 weeks on Monday and they had their shots on Wed., tattooed on Friday and vet checked on Saturday.... Where has the time gone.. All pups healthy ranging from 8 to 12 pounds... They all look alike.. even in size. All are MONSTERS like 8 week olds are! Vella still over looks them from the kennel next to the pups... she kisses them through the chain-link fence.
If I were to get another shepherd, I know where to go,
Thank you again!!

Cindy Clark
July 2003

Hi Jana,

First of all, I would like to thank you for all you did for me regarding Ando.
You made everything easy for me, the paper work and all that stuff. First I thought that it would be very difficult importing a dog from Germany but thanks to you, I didn't felt any difficulty.
I really appreciate what you did for me, I think I may have made you crazy, the questions and all that stuff regaring Ando, asking you everyday but you never complained.

Ando is becoming a very very nice and good strucutured dog. This is the dog I was dreaming of and I think I got it and that's all because of you.

I may have been late in thanking you but again, thanks alot again.


Dr.Sohail Younus
September 2003

Hello Jana,

I just wanted you to know on how Axel vom Ajaxturm is doing.
At, 13 months he was doing full muzzle work and now at 22 months he’s just amazing.
What a wonderful temperament! Great with the family, yet fearless in his work.
Locally, we don’t have a titling system, however we train Axel, for personal protection. He is truly a German Shepherd of ideal character and attitude. His endless energy and zest makes it easy and enjoyable to train him. I think he has taught me more about training than the other way around. My only hope is that in breeding I am able to keep some of his offspring to maintain his combination of the Gildo Korbelbach / Xito Maineche lines…
Thanks so much yet again, for sending him my way.

Best Regards,
Vithala Singh
Trinidad, West Indies
October 2003

Jesko is doing outstanding.
We are very pleased with him. He had his vet visit today no major problems.
The training week went well. Worked on the basics this week. He is responding well to training and learns very fast.
He will be a star here and boy does he love to track.

Ocean City Police, MD
December 2003

  Hi Jana,
I hope you will add this letter to your list of references. 
I purchased "Delta" (a Yasko-daughter) from you when she was 13 wks., she is now 18 mo.  You were so patient with my frequent e-mails and several phone calls to Germany.
I was apprehensive to purchase a pup from oversees but you held to your word and delivered the most perfect dog for me.  Just before I met you I was to purchase a Bax male pup from an American breeder who was not completely upfront.  You, however, delivered a pup that was everything you said she would be from day one. 
All of the "dog people" here love her and my vet said she is an absolute dream.  She has been such a quick study and has a beautiful disposition and is so structurally sound.  MANY people comment on her looks and then fall in love when they get to know her personality.  She is very strong and so gentle with children... I couldn't have asked for better. 
Please feel free to give my name etc. as a contact.  You were so forthright in my dealings with you... I even offered to pay you additional for your troubles and you would not accept it.  I recommend you and your facility without reservation.  I look foward to seeing you in the near future. 

Many blessings to you,
Geri; NY
December 2004

Thank you Jana,

 for all your hard work, honesty, and most of all for Enjoy v Lapidar.
Enjoy is a wonderful dog with such a nice temperament. She is very friendly, outgoing, and so very gentle with my grandbabies and kitties. I have attached a photo of her with my granddaughter. She just loves kids and laid down right by Taylor.
Enjoy has made a wonderful addition to our family and breeding program.
I most definitely will purchase from you again.

Thank you so very much!!!!
Jan Broadfoot
vom Schlossfelsen GSD, NE
March 2005

Dear Jana,

Thank you so much once again for the best quality dog you have chosen for me.

I as well, have to thank you for becoming my friend, after I contacted you primarily for GSD dog only. You are one of the most trustable and honest person in the dog arena indeed.

We are very happy with Canto, for the quality you have chosen for us.

He has been our pride, as he is so handsome and full with outstanding Characters. Thank you so much for finding him for us here in Thailand.

I am always looking forward to seeing you again in the near future.

All the best,

Lily Gongvatana,
April 2005

Dear Jana,

I would like to thank you for fulfilling my old dream having a puppy from Atlas.
I also appreciate very much your transparency and cooperation which I have noticed while you were arranging the delivery of Janous

Janous is growing up healthy and nicely, I am really enjoying having him, at home.

Please find attached the latest picture for Janous (2 months and one week old)
Thank you once again, and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mohammed Al-Dughishem
Embassy of Kuwait
December 2005

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