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My name is Christine but most people know me by my nickname "Jana". I  live in Germany, about half an hour south-west of Frankfurt/Main.
I have been training GSD since 1987 and started breeding German showlines in 1994. My aim always was to breed showlines with workingability and I got into contact with a lot of well-known kennels over the years.
In 1999 I started to sell some good dogs abroad. Talking about the possibilities of internet, some friends asked for my help. Either they had no internet success or they did not speak English

This was the day the idea of TopGSD was born.

Training in various clubs I also got into contact with other breeds and can help to find high quality Dobermann-Pinschers, Rottweilers and Boxers too. If you are interested in puppies from these breeds, please email me as I don't offer them on this website.

My aim is:




I'm not a broker and I do NOT make my living selling dogs, just want to help some friends to sell their dogs and want to help you to get high quality at reasonable prices. Step by from time to time and you will come across almost the same kennels offering their dogs, escpecially for puppies or upcoming litters.

These sides are filled with photos, so please allow some time until they will have loaded.
If you don't find what you are looking for, contact me and I will try to find your special GSD.

Contact me:

email: info@topgsd.de
home-phone: (+49) 62 49 - 67 01 56
cell-phone: (+49) 1 71 - 8 22 13 23

please remember the different time-zones when calling:

Germany is

6 hours ahead EST
7 hours ahead CST
8 hours ahead MST
9 hours ahead PST

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